#01_A Third Theatrical Reform?

Episode Summary

The introductory episode, titled “A Third Theatrical Reform?” addresses the integration of theatre and digitality, particularly in relation to the concept of presence. The discussion begins with the fact that digital tools are gradually becoming a part of theatrical language. This reality has been accelerated by the ongoing pandemic and the related government restrictions. What positive role can technology play in the development of theatre? How to blur the boundary between the virtual world and reality? The philosopher, writer and journalist Anna Luňáková reflects on the emerging future of theatre in relation to a changing society.

Episode Notes

Participants of Show must go on/off line discussion that served as base for this podcast 

Marcus Lobbes / DE, theatre director and set designer 

Matěj Nytra / CZ, theatre dramaturgist, HaDivadlo Brno 

Krzystof Garbaczewski / PL, theatre director and set desginer, with focus on VR Technology

Moderator: Ondřej Škrabal / CZ, writer and theatre director

You can find record of the whole discussion on youtube channel @IDUPraha or right here -

Podcast Author: Anna Luňáková, filozofka, spisovatelka a novinářka / ČR

Podcast Director: Jiří Šimek

Dramaturgy: Martina Pecková Černá and Co. 

Production: Barbora Comer 

Soundesign: Jan Čtvrtník

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