#13 Ecoscenography: conversations on sustainable theatre design and production

Episode Summary

Join us for a discussion of the emerging concept and practice of Ecoscenography (ecological design for performance). Ecoscenography explores new aesthetics and artistic paradigms that are inspired by environmental philosophies and practices to provide a captivating vision for the future of sustainable theatre production. A group of international practitioners share their insights, strategies and favourite projects as we examine what Ecoscenography means for our field, including the challenges and opportunities that an ecological approach to theatre production brings.

Episode Notes

This episode is based on a discussion from PerformCzech’s the Show Must Go On/Offline series and features the following participants: 

Guests: Andrea Carr (UK),  Silje Sandodden Kise (NO), Tomáš Procházka (CZ), Imogen Ross (AU)

Moderator:  Dr Tanja Beer (Griffith University, Australia) 

Links to projects, organisations and initiatives mentioned in this episode:

For examples of guests’ work, watch the original discussion on YouTube: ​​

Ecoscenography: An Introduction to Ecological Design for Performance by Tanja Beers:


Andrea Carr:

Handa Gote Research and Development:

APD Green Conversations:

Silje Kise: