#10_Festivals in Lockdown

Episode Summary

More than just platforms to showcase productions, performing arts festivals represent an opportunity to bring people together, build community and collectively debate the issues facing society today. In this episode, we discuss the impact of the pandemic lockdowns on festivals, perhaps the most social manifestations of the performing arts. Guests from the BITEF, Bratislava in Movement, Divine Comedy and Palm Off Festivals share their current and past experiences of navigating the pandemic, along with broader issues concerning the environmental sustainability of festivals, there social function and what role - if any - streamed or hybrid performances might play in the future of festivals.

Episode Notes

This episode is based on a discussion in the Show Must Go On/Offline series and features the following participants: [1]






Links to projects, organisations and initiative mentioned in this episode: 




Bratislava in Movement


Divine Comedy Festival 


Palm Off Festival


What Future for Festivals, Salzburg Global Seminar